Guangzhou Artis Biological Technology Co.,ltd

Guangzhou Artis Biological Technology Co.,ltd , established in 2016, Located in Guangzhou ,China.

It is a one-stop ship for aspiring skin care and cosmetic entrepreneurs and business at home and abroad. We are mainly manufaturing and trading products include cosmetic materials,skin care and personal care materials, and packaging materials.

We also set our own development and research department to provide formylation and technology surport to help customers to create their beauty products.

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Understanding the Basics of Essential Oil Bottles

Introduction to Essential Oil Bottles Essential oils have become increasingly popular for their therapeutic benefits and aromatic properties. However, storing these potent extracts requires careful consideration. This is where essential oil bottles come into play. These bottles are specifically designed to maintain the integrity and efficacy of the oils they contain. Why...

Exploring Skin and Personal Care: The Importance of Raw Materials

The Foundation of Effective Skin Care When it comes to skin and personal care, the raw materials used play a critical role in the efficacy and safety of the products. From natural oils to synthetic compounds, these ingredients form the backbone of your favorite lotions, creams, and cleansers. Natural vs. Synthetic Ingredients Understanding...

Exploring Decorative Cosmetic Raw Materials for a Radiant Look

Introduction to Decorative Cosmetic Raw Materials Decorative cosmetics are an essential part of many people's daily routines, helping to enhance their natural beauty. The effectiveness and appeal of these cosmetics largely depend on the quality and type of raw materials used in their formulation. In this blog post, we'll explore some...


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